New section here… the bands I talked about… I’d also like to show their “family tree”, so to speak… their side projects and whatnot. This helps people discover even more new bands.

Angus & Julia Stone
also releases music as Lady of the Sunshine (Angus)
also releases music as Julia Stone (Julia, of course)

Azure Ray
also releases music as Maria Taylor (Maria)
also releases music as Orenda Fink (Orenda)
Orenda is also half of the duo O+S
Maria and Orenda have been members of Now It’s Overhead, and Bright Eyes
They have also collaborated with Moby

Bess Rogers
collaborated/collaborates with Ingrid Michaelson, often (as backup singer, guitarist, and more)

Forest City Lovers
former vocalist Kat now records as Kashka

Gregory and the Hawk
also records as Royal Family

also records as Costa Music (Joseph)

Nada Surf
lead singer Matthew Caws is also half of Minor Alps (with Juliana Hatfield)

Bassist Greta Kline also releases music as Frankie Cosmos
Another Porches member (Gabby Smith) also releases music as Eskimeaux (she is also part of Frankie Cosmos)

Trespassers William
former vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams records as Lotte Kestner &
she is also half of Ormonde

much more to come!!!


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