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OHHHH, WHEAT!!! Holy FUCK, what a GREAT band. Where and when did I discover them? I was in Barnes and Noble on Superbowl Sunday, 2006. I didn’t give two shits about the superbowl (and I still don’t), so I decided to scan random CDs in the music section. I came across their album “Per Second, Per Second, Per Second…. Every Second”, which was released on Aware/Columbia Records (same label that put out John Mayer’s old stuff), in 2003. So I was like, ok…. I really liked the album art and such, so I scanned the barcode and could sample all the tracks from the record….. I was fucking floored. Just perfect songs. PERFECT songs.

Then, in 2007, I saw Elizabethtown for the first time…. which is in my top 5 ALL-TIME favorite films…. and during the final montage (the “road trip / mix CD” thing)…. Kirsten Dunst says… “some music…. needs air. Roll down your window.” And right after she says that, Wheat’s perfect song “Don’t I Hold You” plays. When I discovered it was Wheat, I was like… fuck. New favorite band? No doubt.

I’m listening to the album I wrote about above right now as I write this, and I knew I had to write about them on Underrated Music. Bands this good are just…. it’s just a very special feeling, discovering them and listening to them.

If you don’t love this band’s songs, you have a deficiency in your soul. Love them, SUPPORT THEM. Go to their shows, email them! Do SOMETHING. I think Wheat is the next Crowded House– just PERFECT fuckin’ songs. Studying their music is Songwriting 101, seriously.

And lastly, the gorgeous song from the movie Elizabethtown:

I just realized that the background of this blog, and my other ( has disappeared. Where’s my friggin’ background graphic? This blog looks so monochrome, now. I miss my colorful header graphic. Fuck you, WordPress! Oh, and I just noticed that my Nada Surf entry is fucking GONE from the side menu. What? What OTHER bands are missing? Ahh… Minipop, too. What the FUCK!!