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I am depressed today, because I lost my voice again last night, and need to be silent for the next 10-14 days or else I’ll need another vocal cord surgery. So I’m listening to a lot of Warpaint today. Fucking love this band so much.

Their music is commonly described as “art rock” which to me, sounds pretentious. It’s dreamy, it’s a bit noisy, it’s a bit shoegaze, and its mood is overall…. dark. There’s a little folk here and there, like on the song “Billie Holiday” (from their Exquisite Corpse EP, which borrows some Motown lyrics/melodies and pays homage to Billie at the same time). One thing you can also always count on with the band is its glorious use of reverb on the lead vocals. Definitely sets the mood.

Another thing I love about the band is their constant vocal harmony or vocal unison on nearly all the lead vocals. Mmmm….

Included here is the big radio hit from 2010-2011 “Undertow”. Enjoy.