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When I feel alienated (which I basically do, every day, with the things I like/love/am into, and the way I live my life)… it’s always music that saves me.

Archive is/was a trip-hop/electronic duo who collaborated with various people throughout the years. In my opinion, and the opinion of many other people who are familiar with their music, they made only one great record: their first. And it is truly magnificent. It’s called Londinium. It was released in 1996. Please listen to it, and enjoy thoroughly. This is my all-time favorite trip-hop album. The first two Portishead records can’t fucking touch this, and neither can all the other “classic” trip-hop groups. No. This is the king of them all.

This is music for loneliness, isolation, confusion, longing, nostalgia…. it combines the best of hip-hop, trip-hop, classical, jazz, soul, and the ambient glow of the best Pink Floyd.

Archive, please collaborate with this phenomenal (and completely underrated) rapper and female vocalist, again…. this is truly perfect music. Absolutely fucking superb.

(YouTube playlist of Londinium, in order)


Check out the ORIGINAL music video for the song “Londinium”, featuring the rapper AND vocalist! I never even knew what they looked like, for years. haha. So rad!



Been meaning to write about SPC ECO forever. I was recently sent a complimentary copy of their new record The Art of Pop, from their label. I have loved SPC ECO forever, man!

SPC ECO is Dean Garcia from the shoegaze/noise/electronic band Curve, plus his daughter Rose Berlin, as the lead singer/main vocalist.

Fantastic music. Hooky, dreamy, noisy… everything you’d expect from the Curve guy… and his daughter is one hell of a singer…. it’s like Curve, but nowhere near. It’s shoegazey, but kind of new wave, too…. dreampop-ish. Whatever. Just enjoy it.

Here’s a Spotify embed of their latest record The Art of Pop (2014). Hopefully it embeds properly… if not, I’ll keep updating the post, til it does.

Astronaut Wife (repost)

Brilliant, trippy pop / trip-hop music. Gorgeous, swirling dual-female vocal harmonies… depressing, honest lyrics and PERFECT music production/engineering.

Astronaut Wife was a small group from Minnesota… late 90s/early 00s, who disbanded for unknown reasons. They’re still one of my all-time favorite bands…. the songwriting speaks volumes upon volumes.

Dig in (by the way, these files are kinda low-quality… these are the only recordings I have of them).
“Late Now”

“Cape Canaveral”

“Where Will We Go”

“Dolphin Language Translator”

If you google the term Astronaut Wife and Minnesota, you can find some info about them, but really, there isn’t much.


It is glaringly obvious that I listen to music that basically no one likes, or understands. Case in point, Antenne (from Denmark). Several members are also from the band Amstrong (that’s AM, not Arm), a band I will write about in the future (Antenne has released the same amount of full-length albums, as Amstrong). Although I love both bands, I love Antenne’s simplicity and minimalist/quieter approach. They are completely depressing, ambient, and music to slash your wrists by (this is a good thing).


Here’s the first song I ever heard by them… and following, is a YouTube playlist of their songs. – I have NO IDEA if this is their official bandcamp, as their albums are $1,000 each. I don’t think they’ll be selling many copies, if this is true…


Frou Frou


Don’t forget about this band, just because the whole fucking world is obsessed with folk/acoustic indie stuff, and lots of crowd-sung “oh, oh, oh, woo-woo-woo” chants).

Just because you heard “Let Go” a million fucking times over the last 9 years doesn’t mean you should discount their perfect (and only) full-length record.

Frou Frou is Guy Sigsworth and the legendary Imogen Heap (who was kicked off her label in 1998 due to low sales… man, I bet those executives are kicking themselves for such a stupid decision).

This record has been one of my all-time favorite albums of all-time. A true desert-island disc. Put headphones on and prepare for one gorgeous, harmonically-rich, melodically fascinating, and electronically stimulating journey.

Don’t sleep on their album “Details” because truly, it’s all about the details, with these songs.

I love Imogen Heap with every ounce of my soul and Guy Sigsworth is just a genius… may she and he continue to have incredible success, and possibly release new Frou Frou material (there is talk of it).

Here’s the “Details” Spotify playlist. LISTEN TO IT IN ITS ENTIRETY!