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Tegan and Sara

Ok, now on to other artists NOT related to Pomplamoose, haha.

Tegan and Sara

I discovered Tegan and Sara a long time ago… I’m pretty sure it was from the website Auralgasms (now they are an online radio station called Strangeways Radio, you should check them out).

I heard Tegan and Sara’s first single “You Went Away” from their 2002 album “If It was You.” I was instantly hooked in by their charming (some ignorant people would call annoying) voices, and their superbly-crafted pop/folk songwriting. I didn’t think much of them after that, though… as I was mainly listening to a lot of trip-hop at the time.

Fast-forward to 2004, when I first heard their album “So Jealous.” I was at an all-time low in my life… I had just gone through a horrible breakup in September, and I started listening to “So Jealous” in December. I remember driving to work one morning listening to the first five songs of the album, and I was so happy… for the first time in MONTHS. It was their song “I Know, I Know, I Know” which really destroyed me, in the best of ways. The lyrics, the melodies, the whole vibe of the song just spoke to me on so many levels. SO many. The chorus is FLAWLESS!!! “Stick your hands inside of my pocket, keep them warm while I’m still here. Tell them this love hasn’t changed me, hasn’t changed me at all…… stick your heart inside of my chest, keep it warm here, while we rest. Tell them this love hasn’t changed me, hasn’t changed me at all…” Absolute PERFECTION.

And then they released “The Con” and the other albums that followed… I didn’t think much of them as I was basically obsessed with “So Jealous” which I maintain is one of the best indie albums of the 2000s, hands-down.

The other night, my friend Ryan showed me some YouTube videos of the making of “The Con” (studio footage) and I fell in love with Tegan and Sara yet again…. I instantly ordered The Con (plus the DVD) from Amazon, as well as another Tegan and Sara documentary. I can’t wait to watch both of those in their entirety.

Tegan and Sara seem like the coolest people alive… how lucky their bandmates must be, to hang with them and to help them tour and make great records. I hope they realize how great it is working with these incredibly awesome twin sibling songwriters.

Without further ado… here’s “I Know, I Know, I Know”, “I Won’t Be Left” from the 2004 album “So Jealous.”… plus some behind-the-scenes/studio recording footage from The Con documentary.