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The Tallest Man On Earth

A lot of people have already heard the brilliant work of this Swedish singer/songwriter. But there are millions who haven’t yet, so let’s talk about him.

The Tallest Man On Earth is Kristian Matsson. He is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, who plays guitar in a variety of open and altered tunings. He is married to another Swedish singer-songwriter, who often performs with him live (and vice-versa). He’s been compared to Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, but I would consider his music completely original as the only comparison I can see is Dylan MAYBE vocally… (maybe.. Kristian is a much better singer, and I say this as a big Dylan fan)… and I can see the Nick Drake comparison because he uses altered/open tunings, which Nick Drake used almost exclusively, save for a few songs such as “Things Behind The Sun” and a few others).

Take a listen to his KEXP performance from a few months back……. lovely stuff here.

PS- You may notice that Kristian looks/sounds a bit uncomfortable and nervous in this live performance (especially while speaking to the DJ).

A lot of YouTube commenters are of course, ignorantly commenting on his demeanor… joking around, asking if he kills himself after the performance, etc (god, I hate ignorant/stupid people). Keep a couple things in mind if you are puzzled during certain parts of the video…

1. He’s Swedish and English is not his native language…. 2. His songwriting and his passion are clearly evident while he’s singing and playing… this doesn’t necessarily translate when a person is speaking. For instance, I am kind of a hyper, energetic speaker in person (especially if I’m comfortable around people I know), but when I perform, I am calm/in the zone (basically the opposite of this guy) and on the flipside, I am INCREDIBLY shy and quiet, talking with people I don’t know well (which could be the case here, with Kristian’s interaction with the DJ)…. 3. You don’t know if he is going through some personal problems, or having a very bad day, in this video… no one knows what’s in his head except for him, and 4. Maybe he’s just a shy/introverted dude.

At the end of the day, all that matters to us (as fans/listeners) is the music. And speaking of, look at that guy’s fingers, especially on the last song, which begins around 18 minutes in). Enjoy.