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Stars of Track and Field

Especially the first record. Sadly, this Portland, Oregon band broke up a few years ago. Make no mistake— their first record “Centuries Before Love And War” could not be more perfect. Here it is (Spotify playlist).

SOTAF, we miss you.





Brandi Ediss / Simple Friend

I met Brandi Ediss online through my pal Mary Lou Lord (also featured on this blog). I think Brandi is one of the most criminally underrated singer-songwriters out there. Her songs are literally… LITERALLY… perfect pop songs. She also makes absolutely charming and mesmerizing music videos for a lot of her songs (stop-motion animation, random slideshows, etc).

She also records with her boyfriend Frank as “Simple Friend”. Featured here are several of Brandi’s original songs, as well as the Simple Friend song “count to three”.

She is one of my all-time favorite songwriters. She should be as well-known as Laura Gibson, Frankie Cosmos, and other huge indie/bedroom pop artists. Hopefully this blog will get her music out there, much more.

She is freakin’ brilliant. I’d love to make bedroom pop/folk music like this with someone this talented and experienced (especially melodically). I love all the people I work with, but I feel like I haven’t yet found a singer/songwriter who writes brilliant shit like Brandi, and also makes such perfect videos to accompany such perfect songs.

Much love to Brandi and Frank!

Orla Gartland

I needed something special to lift my spirits after five days of the USA’s new narcissist-in-chief, and all the horrible, horrible things that have already happened, and all the horrible things that I’m sure still will…

Folks, this is how it’s done, musically. This is how it’s done. You wanna be great? This is how it’s done vocally/melodically. This is just how it’s done. This is the sound. This is the shit. That is all that can be said.

Orla, you will go FAR.



Oh, Seams. Dundee, Scotland’s own. Two tiny four-song EPs (absolutely flawless), then called it quits.


What a soaring voice… soaring instrumentals and arrangements. Young brilliance. Perfection. YouTube playlist of “Colours and Maps” EP:


This EP is everything perfect about indie rock/pop. Everything perfect. Enjoy.


Live acoustic:

Bess Rogers

I discovered Bess when I found out she was Ingrid Michaelson’s backup singer a few years ago. After hearing Bess’s small handful of albums, I realized she’s a better writer than Ingrid (and I love Ingrid, don’t get me wrong). And I like Bess’s voice a lot, it’s like Ingrid’s but with less affectation, I think. The melodies Bess writes are just more soaring, interesting, and quirky. Still catchy as hell, but something sets it apart from the typical pop. One of my favorite songs of hers is “Weak Link” (the last video featured here).

I think Rogers lives in Ingrid’s shadow, a lot. But hopefully, this post will shine a spotlight on her. Because she’s fucking incredible, by herself. Thanks, Bess.




Paper Aeroplanes

Oh man, Wales….. how does your country bring us such beautiful, perfect music and beautiful women? You’re like Iceland, only smaller. I love you, so very much.

First Paper Aeroplanes record (playlist of 13 songs):