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Sondre Lerche

I’ve been watching the movie Dan In Real Life on repeat for most of this afternoon. It’s one of my favorite movies… not just because the story and acting and characters are FANTASTIC, but also because of the soundtrack, written specially for the movie by Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche.

This guy’s music is so… gorgeous! It’s quirky at times, and a little bouncy at times, but overall, it’s just gorgeous. Timeless chord changes (some may say some songs of his use cliche chord progressions but even if that were the case, he just adds so much soul and passion to them). His lyrics are fantastic as well.

There’s a mini-documentary on the Dan In Real Life DVD about Sondre writing the music for each scene (basically while he was on set during shooting)… SO GREAT! This guy is such a sweetheart, genuine and passionate… the perfect mix in a singer/songwriter. Those Norwegians… can they get more perfect?

I love all of Sondre’s songs but I really love the songs on the Dan In Real Life soundtrack, including “My Hands Are Shaking”, “Modern Nature” (with Lillian Samdal) and “Family Theme”.

Check them all out below…. and check out for more info!