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The Smiths


Where do I begin?

The reason for this post is I still believe The Smiths are insanely fuckin’ underrated. I stand firmly by my belief that the Smiths are the most important British band, next to the Beatles. Yup, I said it (and yeah, I still love the Beatles, make no mistake). I might even consider The Smiths even more important. Why? Let’s do the rundown:

  1. Morrissey’s lyrics were/are way, WAY more personal and relatable than most Beatles lyrics, especially their early music. Compare “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Miserable Lie” and “Girl Afraid.”
  2. Johnny Marr is an incredibly talented guitarist… a WAY better performer/player than Harrison and Lennon. Without a doubt. Probably the most underrated guitarist of all-time. Influenced COUNTLESS guitar players (who became influential themselves!), including David Gavurin of the Sundays, Don Peris of the Innocence Mission, Nick and Albert from The Strokes, and many, many others.
  3. Andy Rourke gives McCartney a run for his money, on bass… and I really dig McCartney’s creative bass playing (especially on “Something.”) But yeah, seriously… Rourke is the king of melodic bass playing in pop music. The king!!!
  4. Although he’s an asshole for suing Morrissey and Marr even though he didn’t really contribute to the writing of songs (just drumming), Mike Joyce is a far better drummer than Ringo Starr (well hell, most drummers are). Still, I love Mike’s groove and he really contributed a lot to The Smiths’, rhythmically.
  5. Songs by The Smiths are timeless, eternal, special, important…. I could go on and on and on.
  6. The Beatles’ songs made people dance and made girls boy-crazy. The Smiths did all of that, too, and most importantly… also prevented many lonely teenagers from killing themselves from loneliness. To me, that’s what makes music so damn important… if songs and lyrics can get you out of bed every morning, and if you are a little less unhappy/depressed when you listen to a band’s songs, then that’s the whole point!! The Smiths did this with class, every single time. And they didn’t need to drop acid to reach a higher level of c0nsciousness. They reached this higher level of consciousness by being intelligent people who read Oscar Wilde for fun (well, Morrissey anyway), and felt things more than the average person.
  7. Their songs are just god damn perfect. PERFECT. Catchy, melancholy, textured, layered, brilliant, relatable, aloof, carefree, depressing, socially-conscious (Meat is Murder, Barbarism Begins at Home, The Headmaster Ritual, Girlfriend in a Coma, Suffer Little Children, just to name a very small few)…

Spotify playlist (there’s just too many YouTube videos out there to embed… I’m a busy dude)