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Sea Oleena


My good friend Kira got me into Sea Oleena, during the brutal winter. Funny story behind this discovery—

One night, instead of driving home from work (when it was 12 degrees), I decided to leave my car there and just walk home (it’s about a 23-minute walk, in nice weather). I made sure I was completely bundled up… and had good headphones to keep my ears warm. So, I threw Sea Oleena’s “Shallow” album on my iphone and proceeded to walk home.

It was fucking BRUTAL. Brutal. 12 degrees, even walking for 5 minutes, is fucking painful.

I was slipping all over the ice on the sidewalks of the neighborhoods between my house and my work. All the while, this album was playing.

It was the only saving grace, that night. Even completely bundled up, I was in pain. I had a scarf on my face, layer after layer… and I was thinking (halfway through), “why the HELL would someone decide to do this?” But, I did. Possibly to test my survival skills, which are zero.

Anyway… it was this song, the second song on the album… that helped me get through the walk. I was like “my god, this is perfection.”

And it is. And SHE is. She being Charlotte Oleena (C. Oleena)…. creative name, in Sea Oleena, right? I love it.