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Rogue Wave

Since it’s summer, I figured I’d post about a band whose music makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (like a passionate high school crush who actually reciprocates your feelings for her).

I discovered Rogue Wave after seeing the funny and heartfelt movie “Just Friends” (still one of my favorites). The movie featured their song “Eyes” (which isn’t really on any of their albums, just on that soundtrack). It is just one of those songs that just HITS you.

So, when I hear the song “Eyes”, I immediately think of all the eyes of all the girls I’ve fallen hard for in the past. A girl’s eyes can just floor you, if they’re pretty enough. The eyes are my favorite part of a female, hands-down. So yeah, I hear that Rogue Wave song “Eyes” and I’m just destroyed and overcome with feelings of love and longing and how powerful a girl’s eyes can really be.

I know I’ve babbled too much about things that aren’t the band… so before I go too crazy… let me say that Rogue Wave just released a new album earlier this month. You can check out the details at here’s “Eyes”, and a few other wonderful songs. Happy summer….


Here’s a cover of “Lake Michigan” that I did with a friend of mine for YouTube—-