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Seekonk RULES. PAINFULLY underrated group. I guess they broke up. But they left some great music behind.



Luke Pigott

Yep, I’m going there…..

My good friend and roommate Luke Pigott (pronounced pie’-gitt) makes some beautiful instrumental music. At this very moment, he’s recording a bassline to his song “Goodbye”, on my left-handed bass.

Luke makes music very similar to The Album Leaf, Tristeza, Explosions in the Sky, and Papa M (David Pajo of Slint). But he also has a sound that’s uniquely his own… and it’s very pretty, epic, and textured. As much as I love the music of the Album Leaf, I think Luke is as good as, if not better than Jimmy Lavalle (some post-rock fans may think I’m crazy for saying that, but I dunno… I often listen to his stuff more these days).

Luke usually makes his songs completely live and/or improvised with loop pedals, and his songs are often inspired by sad events in his life… if anyone’s music truly feels sad or heavy/emotional, it’s Luke’s. Even without lyrics, it just oozes genuine feeling.  I’d like to think the music I make oozes genuine feeling, but in a different way. Anyway…. I love Luke’s stuff…. it’s great shit, and I am proud to call him a friend. He’s coming out with an album around spring 2014. I played drums on a couple songs on the record, including “Goodbye”.


The Middle East

In three and a half sentences:

The Middle East were an amazing band from Australia that broke up way before its time. They had gorgeous songs filled with lush harmonies and awesome folk-oriented instrumentation. Do yourself a favor and listen to this one song, and then seek out all of their other material (there isn’t much, but it’s so worth your time).