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Aaron Maine is the voice (and main songwriter) of the band “Porches”, from Brooklyn, NYC. The music of Porches has been described as “bummer-pop”, “sad rock”, etc…… but I feel whatever category they might fit into is largely irrelevant (even though it does help to describe the brilliant music). It’s catchy as hell, but it’s also heavy on the melancholy.

Let’s stick with the word “heavy” for a bit….  Aaron’s voice, to me, sounds incredibly “heavy”, and what I mean by that is… there’s a LOT of emotion/depth/pain in his tone and overall vocal sound (not to mention the great lyrics which are loaded with heart-on-sleeve honesty and soul). I think that’s one of the things I love most about Porches. They just have a heavy and thick sound…. no other words to describe it.

Aaron’s arrangements and chord progressions also are far from garden-variety…. chosen instruments, well-placed dynamics, and liberal use of “space” (and drastically slower tempos, to emphasize certain lyrics) in the songs cannot be understated…. few artists can pull this off effortlessly without sounding contrived.


Important side note— Several members of Porches also perform and tour as Frankie Cosmos (Porches bassist/vocalist Greta Kline is the main songwriter/singer/guitarist in Frankie Cosmos). It’s hard to write about Porches without mentioning the music of Frankie Cosmos, and likewise, it’s impossible to write about Frankie Cosmos, without mentioning Porches (Aaron is the drummer and occasional backing vocalist in Frankie Cosmos). You’ll be reading about Frankie Cosmos in my next entry here (most likely in the next few hours).

frankie cosmos01


Without babbling any more… enjoy the wonderful “bummer-pop” of Porches:


the video below is one of my all-time favorite live performances of them: