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Gold Motel

I’m listening to “Perfect In My Mind”…. and I keep forgetting how fucking good this band is. This is Greta Morgan from The Hush Sound‘s side project…. when The Hush Sound was on hiatus for a few years…. the dude formed the band Stamps… and released an album called “Stamps Play Tramps” (at least I think that’s what it was called). And Greta released the Gold Motel EP, then a full-length to follow. “Perfect In My Mind” is from the EP.

Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish…. pick it up. Oh, and you better own everything by the Hush Sound, because holy shit… they’re brilliant and always have been. I think I wrote about them before. Hell, come to think of it, I probably wrote about Gold Motel. I’ll find out as soon as I choose these categories and tags for this entry…. haha.

Chris Caulder

Bad Bad Hats

God, I want to hate this band. But I can’t.

It’s that damn “indie pop voice” that haunts my every waking moment (this voice is basically everyone trying to copy Leslie Feist or Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose… or hell, Cat Power). It’s charming. It’s great.

You’ll love it.

From Minneapolis.


Ugh. It kills me that this band broke up recently. Perfection.

Here’s their 2012 album link from Spotify:

La Sera (Katy Goodman)

You might know the Vivian Girls, who are were goddamn amazing (they broke up last year). Well, here’s Katy Goodman’s side project/main music, as La Sera…. as I often write…. dude. Some people just have it. And they give it their all, in every single fucking minute of their musical journey. This is Katy Goodman, aka La Sera.

“Beating Heart” (I LOVE this song)

Latest record, “Hour Of The Dawn” (entire album)



Been meaning to write about SPC ECO forever. I was recently sent a complimentary copy of their new record The Art of Pop, from their label. I have loved SPC ECO forever, man!

SPC ECO is Dean Garcia from the shoegaze/noise/electronic band Curve, plus his daughter Rose Berlin, as the lead singer/main vocalist.

Fantastic music. Hooky, dreamy, noisy… everything you’d expect from the Curve guy… and his daughter is one hell of a singer…. it’s like Curve, but nowhere near. It’s shoegazey, but kind of new wave, too…. dreampop-ish. Whatever. Just enjoy it.

Here’s a Spotify embed of their latest record The Art of Pop (2014). Hopefully it embeds properly… if not, I’ll keep updating the post, til it does.

Clare Bowditch

Unbelievable hooks and songcraft. Fun tunes. Australian singer/songwriter. Listened to her a LOT, the past few days. There are people who seem to be naturally great at writing songs, and people who have been at it long enough that the craft just shines, with professional-sounding songs… I don’t know how to explain it. But she is of that higher-caliber “been doing this forever” level. She’s been active and decently-known since 1999. Don’t sleep on her.

Her stuff isn’t easily available…. but here are a few tunes for ya….

She has released solo music under her own name, but also:
Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set
Clare Bowditch and the New Slang
Red Raku



I discovered Arrogants (as many bands I absolutely LOVE) through my former student, Mazzy (yes, her real name, after Mazzy Star). She got me into soooo many great bands from 2010-2011…. it’s insane. Thank you, Mazzy.

Sadly, the music of Arrogants is no longer. They broke up, I believe way back in the mid-2000s…. but man, did they leave some great music behind.

I’m spinning all their stuff today, because the weather is in the mid-60s, and it is perfect music for a perfect-weather day, with the windows of my house fully open.

Amazingly, the band leaves all of their music to be freely downloaded and distributed, in the wake of their demise. Get it ALL here…. (two EPs and a gigantic, 23-song full-length).

What’s their music like? In a word, perfect. Fun, catchy, surfy, twee, power-pop, acoustic folk, etc… absolutely charming vocals and vocal melodies over perfectly-arranged, short indie-pop chords. Sometimes with fast drums, sometimes without… and oh yeah, the lyrics are PERFECT.

Some standouts-– “Why T.A.N.G. is my  favorite band”, “The Incurables”, and “Nobody’s Cool” (all three are from the Nobody’s Cool EP). GET EVERY ONE OF THEIR SONGS. Seriously… it’s free! And you’ll be glad you grabbed it all, after you hear it.

“The Incurables”

“Nobody’s Cool”

“I Want You”

“The Distance Between Us”

I want to make music like this with my girlfriend. She’s got a similar voice, sorta…. I say this to everyone (including her)… when it comes to great music, it’s all about the melodies.

Astronaut Wife (repost)

Brilliant, trippy pop / trip-hop music. Gorgeous, swirling dual-female vocal harmonies… depressing, honest lyrics and PERFECT music production/engineering.

Astronaut Wife was a small group from Minnesota… late 90s/early 00s, who disbanded for unknown reasons. They’re still one of my all-time favorite bands…. the songwriting speaks volumes upon volumes.

Dig in (by the way, these files are kinda low-quality… these are the only recordings I have of them).
“Late Now”

“Cape Canaveral”

“Where Will We Go”

“Dolphin Language Translator”

If you google the term Astronaut Wife and Minnesota, you can find some info about them, but really, there isn’t much.

Washington (Megan Washington)

Wow, can this girl write some hooks or WHAT?


When I put on her albums, I have to listen to them over and over and over. I’d give anything to write music this epic and catchy.

I discovered Megan Washington through my former student Mazzy (yes, that is her real name– named after Mazzy Star)… she got me into so much tunes, and I will forever be grateful for everything she introduced me to, from Hello Saferide to Washington, to Kate Milller-Heidke and the Long Winters.


Here’s Megan’s TEDTalk, where she discusses her stuttering problem, music and all sorts of other personal things… I love this TED talk, as I love nearly all TED talks. If you didn’t love her before, you sure will after you watch this. ❤ ❤ ❤


The Smiths


Where do I begin?

The reason for this post is I still believe The Smiths are insanely fuckin’ underrated. I stand firmly by my belief that the Smiths are the most important British band, next to the Beatles. Yup, I said it (and yeah, I still love the Beatles, make no mistake). I might even consider The Smiths even more important. Why? Let’s do the rundown:

  1. Morrissey’s lyrics were/are way, WAY more personal and relatable than most Beatles lyrics, especially their early music. Compare “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Miserable Lie” and “Girl Afraid.”
  2. Johnny Marr is an incredibly talented guitarist… a WAY better performer/player than Harrison and Lennon. Without a doubt. Probably the most underrated guitarist of all-time. Influenced COUNTLESS guitar players (who became influential themselves!), including David Gavurin of the Sundays, Don Peris of the Innocence Mission, Nick and Albert from The Strokes, and many, many others.
  3. Andy Rourke gives McCartney a run for his money, on bass… and I really dig McCartney’s creative bass playing (especially on “Something.”) But yeah, seriously… Rourke is the king of melodic bass playing in pop music. The king!!!
  4. Although he’s an asshole for suing Morrissey and Marr even though he didn’t really contribute to the writing of songs (just drumming), Mike Joyce is a far better drummer than Ringo Starr (well hell, most drummers are). Still, I love Mike’s groove and he really contributed a lot to The Smiths’, rhythmically.
  5. Songs by The Smiths are timeless, eternal, special, important…. I could go on and on and on.
  6. The Beatles’ songs made people dance and made girls boy-crazy. The Smiths did all of that, too, and most importantly… also prevented many lonely teenagers from killing themselves from loneliness. To me, that’s what makes music so damn important… if songs and lyrics can get you out of bed every morning, and if you are a little less unhappy/depressed when you listen to a band’s songs, then that’s the whole point!! The Smiths did this with class, every single time. And they didn’t need to drop acid to reach a higher level of c0nsciousness. They reached this higher level of consciousness by being intelligent people who read Oscar Wilde for fun (well, Morrissey anyway), and felt things more than the average person.
  7. Their songs are just god damn perfect. PERFECT. Catchy, melancholy, textured, layered, brilliant, relatable, aloof, carefree, depressing, socially-conscious (Meat is Murder, Barbarism Begins at Home, The Headmaster Ritual, Girlfriend in a Coma, Suffer Little Children, just to name a very small few)…

Spotify playlist (there’s just too many YouTube videos out there to embed… I’m a busy dude)