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Mysteries of Life


Ok, I’ll admit… I didn’t really like the very first Mysteries of Life record (“Keep A Secret”, 1996). I was interested in the band because it featured Jake Smith (formerly of Antenna) and Freda Love (from The Blake Babies and Antenna). I slept on the first record for several years.

Then the second one came out. And… I won’t even bother explaining how fucking BRILLIANT this record is… I’ll let some review from explain it better:

“On their second album, the Mysteries of Life accomplish a remarkable feat: every song sounds instantly familiar and immediately hummable. It’s almost as if Jake Smith were channeling some ancient pop tunes from the collective unconscious, and what makes the whole thing doubly special is that, even after repeated listens, the songs still sound fresh. Though individual songs are a little less memorable than on the band’s debut, Keep a Secret, there are still plenty of winners here: the earnest pleading of “Kiss Me Goodnight,” the sweetly rendered heartache of “Wish You Well,” the revenge-minded “Your Face Betrays You,” even the haunting, Howard Jones-ish ballad “That’s How Strong My Love Is.” It’s not just the melodies that make the Mysteries of Life one of the best pure pop bands around–it’s their ability to convey a full spectrum of emotion while keeping your head nodding. –Randy Silver”

Without further ado…

If you can find the CD anywhere online or used… get it. Standout tracks for me: Downhill, That’s How Strong My Love Is, Maya and Luna, Fingerprint, etc.

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