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Mindy Smith


Ya know, I hate Christian lyrics/artists…. really not my thing at all. But there’s an exception: Mindy Smith. She’s someone who doesn’t preach much in her music (well, in her second album, anyway– her first record has an opening track called “Come To Jesus”…. but I still like that album, too). I think her best record is her second, “Long Island Shores.” She’s been around just over a decade, and I dunno… I’ve really loved her sound since first hearing her.

She has one of the most pleasant voices in modern folk/country... I don’t know what it is… her melodies and her phrasing… she’s just damn good….  her voice is never annoying. It’s just warm, pleasant. The kind of voice I’d love a girlfriend of mine to have, if I ever had another girlfriend.

I could listen to this record over and over (and I have). I haven’t heard much of her music beyond her first two records, but I dunno, as I spin this record, I figured I’d write about her on my blog.

And for the record, the second song listed here, “Tennessee” (written entirely by her)….. fucking FANTASTIC SONG. Gives me chills. That is all.

Give her a shot. You may like her sound. Again, it’s not preachy Christian stuff… just damn good “Nashville-sound” songwriting.