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Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star is a pretty well-known band, in general, if only for their 1993 smash hit “Fade Into You”…… but generally, a lot of people have no fucking idea who they are. And that’s a shame, for they made (and make) some perfect records. And these records NEED to be heard in their entirety.

Up until 17 years ago, Mazzy Star only had three albums in their discography. And they all came out in the 90s. There was She Hangs Brightly, released in 1990, then So Tonight That I Might See, released in 1993 (and which had “Fade Into You”), and then Among My Swan released in 1996. Mazzy Star then went on some kind of hiatus, and Hope Sandoval (lead vocalist) released two solo-ish records (with one of the guys from My Bloody Valentine, not Kevin Shields)… one in 2001 called Bavarian Fruit Bread, and then another in 2009 called Through The Devil Softly. Every single one of these records is fucking awesome.

Today, Mazzy Star’s new record “Seasons Of Your Day” came out. Stream it in its entirety right here:

side note: There isn’t ONE girl or woman I know who does not absolutely worship this band (as long as they have heard of them). Maybe it’s the utter songwriting brilliance of “Fade Into You” which is one of the most hopelessly romantic songs ever written…. maybe it’s Hope Sandoval’s Patsy Cline-like vocal timbre….. maybe it’s how Hope’s voice is just… fuckin’….. transcendental…. whatever it is…. I want to meet and eventually marry a girl who feels as strongly about this band as I do.

Without further ado…. here are some of their majestic, melancholy tunes…

fun fact: One time I had Mazzy Star’s “She Hangs Brightly” on repeat all night (1995-ish)… and my dad woke up really early and was reading, and he overheard the record, and “I’m Sailin” (the last video above) blew him away, and he HATED new music…. obviously “I’m Sailin'” is such an old-timey song…. it sounds like it was released in 1958. My dad asked me to make him a tape of “I’m Sailin” playing over and over again for an entire side… and I did. He played that tape all the time. I thought that was awesome.

Oh, and…. the photo above is my favorite Hope photo. She’s a beautiful woman, but she is fucking GORGEOUS in that pic.

Regarding the new record: 17 years was a long wait for another Mazzy Star record, but after streaming it last night, it certainly feels like they never went anywhere. They picked up right where they left off. Sigh.