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Say what you will about Evan Dando: heroin addict, pothead, douchebag, burnout…. I’ve read it all in magazines and on the web for over twenty years.

None of that matters when you write songs this good. The guy’s got a sense of melody that so few possess, and millions (include me) wish they had.

I didn’t include “Into Your Arms” (as fantastic a song as it is), because, like Mrs. Robinson, they didn’t write it.

The Lemonheads score even more cool points by having Juliana Hatfield as their occasional bass player and frequent backing vocalist (just as Evan Dando used to play bass and guitar for Juliana’s old band, the Blake Babies).

Back in high school, my good friend Dayna T. used to have this Lemonheads quote written in ballpoint pen on her bookbag:

Patience is like bread, I say… I ran out of that yesterday.

I don’t think I ever told Dayna that I noticed, but I always thought she was awesome for having that. She was extremely cool then, and even cooler now….. sure, that doesn’t have much to do with the Lemonheads, but she was the only person I knew who loved them as much as I did.