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Julia Nunes

NOTE: For the first few posts on this blog, I’m going to write about all the YouTube people connected to the first band I blogged about (Pomplamoose, aka Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn)…. because I think these musicians (who all happen to be friends with Pomplamoose) are all brilliant, talented, uber-catchy songwriters with a strong knack of melody and arrangement, and deserve our attention, ears, and support ($$$). If you aren’t immediately swooning upon the first few seconds of each of these videos, you have a deficiency in your soul.

First up is Julia Nunes. I first discovered her in 2008, after hearing her fantastic original song “Into The Sunshine.” Julia used to primarily be a guitar-based singer-songwriter, but since, she’s relied heavily on her ukulele… no matter what instrument she happens to be playing, her songs just ooze the very essence of perfect pop and folk music… and her facial expressions (and her smile) in all of her videos melt my heart. Not to mention her personality is addictive, charming, and the kind that makes you wish you were hanging out with her, laughing about some random thing, and cherishing her friendship. Listen to these brilliant songs.