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Sunny Day Real Estate

If there is one American band who is completely underrated, it would have to be Seattle’s Sunny Day Real Estate.

These guys basically wrote the book on melodic indie rock… well, now classified as “emo” (but the good stuff, not the crap on the radio). Layered, unique guitar melodies over overdriven chords… very interesting basslines, tight drumming and the purely angelic vocals of Jeremy Enigk.

Sunny Day Real Estate (or SDRE for short) wrote and released four incredible studio records, in order: Diary (1994), the self-titled record (aka “Pink” aka “LP2”, 1995), How It Feels To Be Something On (1998), and The Rising Tide (2000). All four albums are fantastic in their own right, but I really think they nailed it on The Rising Tide. A lot of Sunny Day fans hate that record, but to me, it is a masterpiece. The whole record is perfect, but then you have such timeless, FLAWLESS songs like “The Ocean” and “Tearing In My Heart”…. the latter which has got to be one of the most BEAUTIFUL SONGS EVER WRITTEN. Though I love all of their music, The Rising Tide really speaks to me on a whole different level. I get chills up my spine whenever I listen to ANYTHING by Sunny Real Estate.

Side note: Diary was actually the 5th CD I ever bought in my life (after The Smiths’ self-titled, Dinosaur Jr’s “Bug”., Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”, and Led Zeppelin II).

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from this blog, I don’t really like to write much about the bands… I like to make the music speak for itself.


the intro “playground” sound effect at the beginning of “Tearing In My Heart” is a little long, around 45 seconds or so… but hang tight, there is magic to be heard!!!