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Jack Conte

NOTE: For the first few posts on this blog, I’m going to write about all the YouTube people connected to the first band I blogged about (Pomplamoose)…. because I think these musicians (who all happen to be friends with Pomplamoose or related to them in some way) are all brilliant, talented, uber-catchy songwriters with a strong knack of melody and arrangement, and deserve our attention, ears, and support ($$$). If you aren’t immediately swooming upon the first few seconds of each of these videos, you have a deficiency in your soul.

After Julia Nunes, Lauren O’Connell, Ryan Lerman, and Louis Cole, comes Jack Conte, the mad scientist behind Pomplamoose:


Jack Conte is probably my #1 musical and life influence right now. The guy has a tremendous amount of talent, but he also is a very smart businessman and has great opinions on the music industry and where it’s going…. and where it SHOULD go. Plus, he’s a sweetheart of a guy. I was lucky enough to meet him and Nataly in June 2011, and talk with them briefly… they were (and are)  exceptionally cool, REAL people.

In 2009, Jack/Pomplamoose made six figures from internet downloads. Six figures. Without a major label backing him. That is extremely impressive.

It all came from using YouTube as an exposure source…. Jack had been making his own original music, in the form of “videosongs” (a term he coined, which is basically a music video shot as the recording process is taking place– no lip-synching or phony crap), and was generating quite a buzz for himself, even before he started working with Nataly as Pomplamoose. Jack’s music spans MANY styles and genres…. but to give you an idea of what his solo stuff sounds like… it’s a mishmash of quirky hard rock, ambient, classical, techno, Beatles-esque pop, and everything else you can possibly think of. This guy has no boundaries… no limits. He writes whatever he wants, and whatever he writes always comes out interesting, and listenable.

Here are a few of my favorite videos and songs of his…. DEFINITELY watch these, and realize the amount of talent this guy possesses…. it’s pretty ridiculous.


To the average YouTuber, Pomplamoose is a household name. To most other people, they’re like, “Pompla-wha?” This duo, comprised of multi-instrumentalist, creative mastermind Jack Conte & the gorgeous (and charismatic) Nataly Dawn (also a multi-instrumentalist… not only does she sing AMAZINGLY but she also kicks ass at bass and guitar) create some of the most original, fresh jazz-and-showtunes-influenced indie pop that your ears will ever have the pleasure to hear. Here is a small sampling of their music: