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Hello Saferide


Every time I listen to Hello Saferide, I think “I gotta fucking talk about this band on my blog!”

I’ll give you the shortlist on why they rule:
1. her voice is just so fucking charming
2. the lyrics are WITTY AS FUCK, and interesting (and anyone with a brain and heart can relate to the subject matter)
3. they’re always dropping pop-culture references (80s TV shows, and random old bands/songwriters) in the lyrics
4. the songs are top-notch.

I got hooked on their music when my former student Mazzy (yes, that’s her actual name, after the legendary band Mazzy Star) introduced me in one of her lessons. “You have to check out this song The Quiz… you’ll LOVE it!” And sure as shit, I did, and still do.

Take a listen.