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Gregory and the Hawk

Gregory and the Hawk is Meredith Godreau. I believe she named her music “Gregory and the Hawk” to stand out a bit from all the female singer/songwriters out there, who can easily get buried when they go by just their names.

I’ve been a fan of GATH for YEARS… since 2005 basically… her songs just ooze beauty. I love her fragile, high girly voice (she reminds me of a much more mellow Juliana Hatfield) and her guitar playing can be quite technical with the stuff she writes.

Random facts: she is based out of NYC and is best friends with Jenny Owen Youngs (who I also love)… oh, and they’re doing a StageIt concert TONIGHT at 8pm eastern— check it out–

Listen to the delicate and luscious sounds of Gregory and the Hawk…