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Kat Burns (Forest City Lovers / KASHKA)

I first heard “If I Were a Tree”, by the Forest City Lovers, from my ex-student, Mazzy. I’ve written about her numerous times. She got me into so much great music before moving away to college. Forest City Lovers was one of the bands she introduced me to.

Sadly, about three years ago, Forest City Lovers called it quits, and Kat Burns (lead singer/guitarist) has since released a lot of solo music as “KASHKA.”

Just brilliant songwriting… hook-laden, well-crafted music…. as all great music should be. Some people just have that pop sensibility and effortlessly write hooky music. I’d sacrifice everything in my life to be a part of a band like this. I truly would. I’d clean toilets and vomit off train station floors, to be in a band like this. I’ve always wanted to be in a band like this, my whole life. Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t. But yeah…. this shit kills me. “If I were a tree, I’d give you wood….make you a dendrophiliac” (oh man, the sexual innuendo). So good and witty.

And here’s another fantastic song, “Tell Me, Cancer”:

Check out Kat’s bandcamp, with the Forest City Lovers releases (I recommend “Carriage”), and all her solo stuff as KASHKA.