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Entertainment for the Braindead

From her site:

entertainment for the braindead is a berlin based one woman lofi orchestra. since 2007 she has been writing and publishing songs, gathering guitars and banjos, ukuleles, flutes and other little items to accompany her voice in fragile arrangements.”

You can stream all of her music from her Bandcamp page—

EFTB (aka Julia Kotowski)’s albums are all “name your price”… meaning, she doesn’t mind giving it away for free, and has done this since the beginning.

I really enjoy her music, even though at times, the songs go from very quiet to very loud, often in the same song (this is most noticeable on her earlier recordings, when I suppose she had a basic understanding of mixing & levels). Could be part of the lo-fi charm, but sometimes it’s kind of annoying. Again, this is most noticeable on her earlier recordings (Hypersomnia, and Hydrophobia), which are no longer available from her Bandcamp.

Ultimately, Julia makes beautiful, sparkly music… immediately engaging, and her voice is the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.