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I would absolutely love to be in band like this. Shoegazey folk with gorgeous female vocals, with some of the best lyrics ever. Recently I got in touch with a good friend who is very pretty and sings… and she’s way into music like this and retro 60s-ish pop like Camera Obscura. Here’s hoping I can do some sort of music project with her. Whenever I listen to bands like Daughter, Warpaint, Marissa Nadler, etc… I think of this girl. I realize these stream-of-consciousness thoughts are totally unrelated to this blog, but I just love superior-written music with a perfect female singer, like this.

The singer’s voice totally reminds me of some other band or solo artist I love… but I’ve yet to pinpoint who….

These two songs are from their first full-length album on 4AD Records. Long overdue, as all their previous EPs garnered the same criticism from every critic and blogger— “the only thing that sucks about this/that EP is that it’s TOO SHORT!” Truer words were never spoken. But, to craft music this good probably takes a good amount of time.