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Danielle Ate The Sandwich (Danielle Anderson)

Danielle Ate The Sandwich

To say I’m charmed by this girl’s wonderfully pure and girl-next-door voice would be an understatement. Not only does she have a fantastic sense of melody and phrasing, but her songwriting (and lyrics) kick so much ass, it’s not even funny. I LOVE Danielle’s music (it is mostly ukulele-based even though she’s playing guitar in this photo). Danielle writes incredibly meaningful songs (for the most part- some are a bit goofy and/or metaphorical), and she also seems extremely cool in real life (we exchanged several emails back and forth the other night while I was pondering which Danielle shirt I wanted to order).

When I write poppy folk songs (and I do write many, I just don’t think my voice fits them well as my range is quite limited since my vocal cord surgery), I long for a girl with a voice and melody sense like Danielle’s… maybe I’ll work with a girl like that someday (I sure hope I do, eventually). Oh, and before I forget to mention– she is totally friggin’ beautiful. Completely my type. Why must I live on the east coast and she in Fort Collins, CO? Also, why must I be about a decade older than she? Haha.

Here are three of my favorite Danielle Ate The Sandwich originals, plus her wonderful cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”:

for more info:


Spotify playlist of her album “Two Bedroom Apartment”: Danielle Ate The Sandwich at Spotify