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The Civil Wars

I cannot stop listening to the brilliant song “Poison and Wine”… I cannot stop listening to this song. I cannot stop listening to this perfect song. I listened to it all day one day last week. I could not get enough.

The song makes me think of my ex-girlfriend, the one true love of my life… who left me and broke me so completely, it has been hard to recover, even nearly eight years later. This song makes me think of her, the times we spent together… the perfect magic, all gone in a flash… that horrible feeling when you would live and die for someone, and they don’t care even a LITTLE bit, because you’re on your way out, in their mind and heart. They honestly can’t wait to see you go. Isn’t that the worst feeling?

(I hate being a passionate, thoughtful, big-hearted person. It makes you live an incredibly lonely life.)

But then again, with all those thoughts…. there’s that thought you hold in your head, and that feeling in your heart…. that they may not be in love with you anymore, or not even care about you at all, but you know that they always will… despite what they tell you, because you know you had an impact on them in some way. Well, that’s the chorus of the song “Poison and Wine.” And that’s what makes me listen to it over and over again… not just because of the fact that it’s a fuckin’ AMAZING song, melodically, lyrically and harmonically.

The Civil Wars are a very simple band… hardly any drums… guitar, piano, and two gorgeous, harmonized vocals… and as people, they are as humble as they come… that’s another reason I fuckin’ love them so much. May they have an exceptionally long career full of wonderful music.

And now, I bring you the Civil Wars… two songs: “Poison and Wine” of course, and “I’ve Got This Friend”