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Cargo City


I’ve been listening to a lot of Cargo City lately, specifically their “On.Off.On.Off” album. I don’t know hardly ANYTHING about this German band as their website is in German. I am also unsure if this photo is even the same band (though I’m pretty sure it is, they just have 5 people now instead of 4).

Best way I can describe their music is indie pop/electro with a hint of emo… occasionally dipping into the folk/acoustic territory (I prefer their slower/prettier music, but I like it all). Listening to Cargo City lately is also making me long for spring, as the music totally has a summer-y thing going on… but not that summer-y.

I don’t feel these three videos/songs are some of their strongest (the first in-studio video, “Julian” is my fave of these three)…. but it’s basically all I could find. My favorite song of theirs which isn’t on YouTube (or hardly anywhere else?) is “Hold On In The Rye, Holden” (opening track on On.Off.On.Off). Definitely check out all their stuff if you can (it might be on Spotify, even though they’re pretty unknown, still, at least here in the USA).