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Buck 65


Buck 65 is my favorite underground hip-hop artist, by far. No one puts together more interesting/fresh/weird hip-hop, than he does. And his lyrics are tremendous.

I had the great pleasure and luck of hanging out with Buck 65 during a 2007 show in Philly. He was opening for Sage Francis. After he played his set, he was over at the merch booth, burning tour-specific CDs on his mac laptop. I went right over there, bought a shirt and all four tour CDs, and hung out and talked with him during Sage’s entire set. Hardly anyone was around, because everyone loves Sage (I do, too…. but hanging out with Buck 65 is a memory I will never forget). We talked about everything from Hal Hartley films, to Juliana Hatfield and Buffalo ’66 (the Vincent Gallo film– which he sampled one of the best scenes from, in his song “Pants on Fire”).

At the end of the conversation, he gave me his email address and home address in Canada when he was living there (I still have the pieces of paper he wrote on). During the convo, I offered to send him a care package with bootlegs, short film collections, etc, and he was eager to check it all out. I did send the package a few days after the show, but according to him, he never received it, sadly. But still, he was really cool about it, and again, it’s a memory I won’t ever forget.

Been listening to his album “Man Overboard” since before I went to sleep, and still, as I am awake early on this Friday morning. Here are some tracks from it.

Sadly, a lot of his music isn’t readily available. He released several albums between 1996 and 2005, and most of them are hard to find (even though they were re-released by Warner Music in 2002), though all of them are considered classics (Man Overboard, Vertex, Synesthesia, and the two earliest: Weirdo Magnet, and Language Arts). I have his entire discography, but I definitely believe that the first of those five are the best.

recommended listening, in order (if you can find the albums)….

Man Overboard
Talkin’ Honky Blues
Language Arts
Weirdo Magnet