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Jets to Brazil

Holy not-posting-shit-for-6-solid-weeks, Batman!

What better way to get back into the swing of things than mention the most underrated band in existence (next to the Chase Theory)…. please give a very warm welcome to Brooklyn’s own Jets to Brazil.

Led by one of the most amazing, brilliant lyricists and songwriters of all-time, Blake Schwarzenbach, Jets to Brazil was the band that rose from the ashes of punk/emo legends Jawbreaker. Blake took a few years off after Jawbreaker disbanded, and hooked up with basically an all-star group of indie rock legends, including members of Texas Is The Reason, and the Van Pelt.

I won’t bore you to death with the band bio or history. I’ll let these amazing songs speak for themselves.

P.S. Jets to Brazil is my all-time favorite band. I have the letters “JTB” tattooed on my left upper arm. No other band’s music speaks to me as directly as this band’s.

Blake is currently an English professor at Hunter College in NYC… and in between educating the masses (not just through his lyrics and brilliant music), he is the guitarist and lead singer of the band forgetters (who are about to release their first full-length album in November. They released an EP in 2010). Check them out, too. It’s kinda Jawbreaker-ish… but all Blake. And that’s why everything he makes is perfect (though JTB is still #1 in my book).

These are just a few songs to get you started. If you want to hear all of their albums in their entirety, just look up Jets to Brazil on Spotify, or go to my JTB website (the first, and still the only… and most informative):