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Blake Babies

I first heard about Juliana Hatfield’s first band Blake Babies shortly after I got into Juliana Hatfield’s music. Juliana’s hit “My Sister” (which was, and still is, like crack to me)…. was all over the radio in 1993. Shortly after, Juliana was on the cover of SPIN Magazine, and the article talked about her old band, Blake Babies. I had to seek them out (by the way, remember those days, when you would read about new bands in MAGAZINES, and then take a chance, buying their CASSETTE TAPE as there was no way to listen to them otherwise?) Yeah, those were the days (1994).

So I went to my local record store at the time (Spec’s Music, Fort Myers, FL). Found the Blake Babies tape “Innocence and Experience”, which was a best-of, so to speak. My sister came with me, and let me play it in her car, in her shitty tape deck.

From the moment Juliana screams “ARGHHH!! AHHH!” at the beginning of “Wipe It Up”, all the way to the end of the tape (a live Neil Young cover)…. I was absolutely enamoured. Still one of my all-time favorite bands… the Blakes are my favorite late 80s/ early 90s band.

I’ll say no more… let the tunes speak for themselves:

side notes: in “I’m Not Your Mother” – LISTEN to the breakdown part/bridge at 2:30…. how well the bass, vocals, and guitar parts are layered… the part where Juliana sings “anything you can do, I can do better… girls will do it all without the aid of another”… FLAWLESS.

Also, “Out There” is probably (literally) my all-time favorite song.

This band is just too good for words.