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Alcoholic Faith Mission

Alcoholic Faith Mission

I don’t know much about this band at all, except that they’re Danish…. but live in Brooklyn, NY? (I’m hella confused, as their merchandise section on their website uses Danish Krone as the currency, even though the site is in English. Anyway…

The music is GORGEOUS! Slow and swirly dreampop/folk stuff…. mostly girl-vocals (and guy-vocals), occasionally a mix of guy-girl harmonies. Brilliant, strange indie pop songs. Sometimes their music goes a bit dissonant or glitchy (weird synthy sounds), but most of the time it stays around gorgeous swirling guitars and keyboard things with generous use of reversed instruments (backwards pretty guitars and ambient soundscapes)…so hard to explain their sound…. It’s just LOVELY.

Please take a listen to these three tracks on YouTube (all from their 421 Wythe Avenue EP), and when you’re done, visit their site at