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Rosie June


God DAMN is this record “Listening Post” good.

Reminds me of Ivy (before they started to royally suck, sometime in 2005/2006)…. and the vocals of Minipop… among many others.

This is indie pop/dreampop of the highest order.

Something tells me that Rosie has a high opinion of herself. Maybe it’s her flawless vocal melodies, flawless pitch, flawless vocal timbre, and gorgeous looks. I don’t know. Hopefully she’s not like every other artist who thinks they’re hot shit… you could be the “big thing” today, and tomorrow, easily forgotten and buried under more successful music. Hopefully she’s not like that.

Albums like this make me want to fully give up writing songs. I’ll never touch this brilliance, and I’ve known it for years. It’s me being humble, and also realistic.


Spotify playlist of the full album (my favorite song is “Airport Line”):

Rosie June

And the embed code: