Velocity Girl

Not sure if I wrote about them already, but…. yeah. Pretty much a staple of my music-listening, since 1994. Sadly they weren’t together long… but man, did they leave a powerful impact. From College Park, Maryland / Washington DC area. A lot of people prefer their earlier work, such as “My Forgotten Favorite” or the album Copacetic, but I think their best work is their last stuff, specifically the Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts record (1996).

Sarah Shannon (vocalist) now does solo stuff as her own name. Worth your time, if you like her voice (and how could you not?)


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  1. Hey! I’ve recently created a blog where I post short articles ranging from happiness to DIYs, poems to facts about me. I even wrote one titled “Top 10 Underrated Singers, #4.” I’d truly appreciate it if you could check it out! 🙂

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