The Rocking Horse Winner


REPOST 6-20-2015
originally posted 6-4-2013

Back in 2000, I used to talk extensively online with an awesome girl named Alexia Anastasia, who ran a Naples-FL based indie label called Distant Rise Records (later, Recovery Records). Alexia and I had a nice little internet connection, even though we had never met before. We would talk about loneliness and great music for hours and hours on end… and tell each other to check this or that band out. This was pre-YouTube and it wasn’t that easy to just look up a song and listen to it right away.

One of the bands Alexia mentioned to me that she said I would absolutely love was The Rocking Horse Winner (from Lake Worth, FL). The singer, Jolie Lindholm, had reached some level of recognition by singing backing vocals for several of the early Dashboard Confessional releases. I always liked her singing when I heard certain Dashboard songs, and one day Alexia mentioned to me that she had her own band.

Their first full-length, “State Of Feeling Concentration” BLEW ME AWAY when I first heard it. I was working at a record store at the time, and I ordered it for myself as it was impossible to find anywhere else.

I can sum up this band in THREE words: MELODIES, MELODIES, MELODIES.

Fucking PERFECT songs… that get stuck in your head forever like the best music… god, I’ve spun this CD endlessly for over a decade now, and it never gets old. (added 2015– the guitar work, creative drumming, etc… just really add so much to the music… I just… god. I’d consider RHW as the American/Indie rock version of The Sundays.

Jolie’s vocals are pitch-perfect… she is such a damn good singer and melody writer.

One negative thing I will say about this band– their second full-length (on Equal Vision Records) is not that good. If you want the best of the best, pick up their 2000 album The State Of Feeling Concentration. It rules.





Jolie Lindholm later fronted new wave-ish indie band Popvert, and is now a real estate agent in Florida…. I hope she eventually releases more music. With every song she sings, the world is better for it.



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  1. Thanks for the kind words — I still really miss playing with my band, such good times. Glad somebody out there still listens to our music.

    Jeronimo –

  2. I’ve always loved this band. Saw them play in upstate NY with coheed and picked up their split sampler. I remember people trying to quiet the audience because they didn’t have blaring guitars. I wish EITHER record could be pressed to vinyl because it’s made for it.

  3. State of… still gives me “goosies” after all these years. “Crum”work is always a big highlight for me. If there is a heaven Jolie’s voice would be the ambient sound… After more than 10 years these tracks have yet to get old – that puts them in my <1% category.

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