Angus and Julia Stone (repost)

I’m seeing them TONIGHT (October 29th, 2014) in Philly!

I’m listening to a lot of Angus and Julia Stone today. It just calms me down, so perfectly. Their music is incredibly, incredibly simple…. gorgeous male/female vocals (harmonies and separate leads)… the production on all of their albums is pristine, full, warm… it just hits me in the heart and fills my soul in every possible way. Plus, Julia’s hot! (And the same can be said for her bro, too).

They are Australian, and they have countless albums and EPs… you can find nearly all of them on Spotify.

Take a listen to just a few of my favorite songs of theirs:

Mmm…. sigh. There’s actually a Tumblr blog called “fuckyeahangusandjuliastone”…. it makes me chuckle.

Fuck yeah, Angus and Julia Stone, indeed.


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