The Weepies

weepiesCould this not be the most adorable band photo, ever? Yes. Considering the fact that the Weepies are husband-and-wife, it makes perfect sense.

I love how this band came about… two singer/songwriters doing the solo thing, and largely, people couldn’t care less about their solo music. They both got a hold of the other’s CD, and couldn’t stop listening to it. They jammed a few times, fell in love, had some kids… and made (and still make) some killer, KILLER albums.

So, you know how this works… I’m not gonna tell you every single detail of the Weepies. You’re going to listen to the tunes, and chances are, you’re gonna love ’em.


So, here they are….








And for extra kicks, here’s my cover of “World Spins Madly On”









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Posted on October 23, 2013, in +++ dreampop, +++ female vocals, +++ folk, +++ minimalist, +++ mixed vocals (female & male), +++ pop, +++ twee, +++ vocal harmonies, Weepies. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. This is a really old post. And I’ve known the weepies for a few years now. Just one song-world spins madly on. Or thought of you. I’m not sure what the name is. Anyway, I saw the animated video for the song and loved it. I found this blog because I’m now looking for bands with the same sound. Acoustic guitar + two vocalists, one backing the other up. I’m not a music-savvy person so I don’t have the right words, but I hope you understand. Thank you

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