Band of Horses


BOH is a band who, when first hearing their song “The First Song” (coincidentally), I was immediately drawn to.

They’ve been around forever (about 7 years). When indie/emo gods Carissa’s Wierd (spelling error intentional) broke up in 2003, Ben Bridwell (vocals/guitar in Band of Horses — drums, then bass in CW) started a new band, very different from CW, and in my opinion, much better.

I think their best record without a doubt, is 2007’s Cease To Begin. I feel that BOH has gotten kinda bland with the recent records (which I also feel have a warmer production style that I don’t really like as much as the production and engineering of Cease To Begin.

Here’s the sound of BOH in seven words: epic vocals, weird lyrics, alt-country, gorgeous.

Here are a few of my longtime faves:

Also, check out “The Funeral”, “The First Song”, “Laredo” and basically every single one of their other songs… cause they kick ass.



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  1. I listened to The Funeral a lot when my father died but it makes me cry so I’m not really able to listen to it till the end now. My favourite Band of Horses song is Factory, there are times when I just keep listening to it over and over and over again, and I get tangled up in that line “the world’s spinning around into an old sad song”.. Really wonderful band.

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