Nada Surf


So I’m a little pissed that some of the entries I wrote months and months back seemed to have disappeared completely from this blog. Case in point– Nada Surf.

Nada Surf is one of those bands that just gets better and better with every fuckin’ album. I mean, seriously. They started out as one of those 90s bands that could have easily been forgotten, after their smash hit, “Popular” (a creative song built from those 50s “how teenagers should act” guides– yes, they actually did exist— which featured an absolutely stunning girl in the video, as head cheerleader):

Fast forward a couple years… Nada Surf released “The Proximity Effect”, with some struggle… as their label or distribution company was experiencing some difficulties… The Proximity Effect was largely ignored by the masses, but critics praised it highly. It’s a weird record, but one that shows the path that Nada Surf was about to take… a path of supremely-crafted indie rock songs, with great lyrics.

Nada Surf came out with Let Go (2003) which blew the doors off of the indie rock world…. just a PERFECT record, and showed their songwriting prowess. Their albums have gotten better and better since. Here’s a few from Let Go… including a live performance of “Blizzard of ’77”


And here’s a personal fave of mine, “See These Bones” from the album Lucky (2007)… (with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab)


Here’s a French band covering “Mother’s Day” from The Proximity Effect. Probably one of the most important anti-rape songs, next to Nirvana’s “Rape Me”…… I’d post the original song, but it’s not on YouTube.. this cover does it justice, though… they do it well.


I hope Nada Surf continue to make music forever… Matthew Caws (lead vocals / guitar) is a HUGE influence on me and my songwriting. Plus, he’s just a fuckin’ cool guy. And also… anyone who is friends with Juliana Hatfield, too… (enough that she’ll cover one of your tunes on a covers record) is aces in my book.


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  1. exactly, right on the spot

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