Siv & Maddie

This….. my loyal followers…. is about as gorgeous as music gets. This is HEADPHONE CANDY, of the highest order.

Siv & Maddie is a folk duo comprised of Norwegian singer/songwriter Siv Jakobsen & Maddie Rice, from Salt Lake City, UT. The duo is based in Boston as they met at the Berklee College of Music.

They only have one EP, called The Beggar & The Borrower. Three of the songs are original, and the other three are covers (Ane Brun and Susanne Sundfør – both Norwegian folk artists, and two artists I’ve loved for several years)… They also do a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You”, and it is soooo so lovely. It begins FULLY acapella, through the first few verses…. and then the guitars kick in. Probably the best cover I’ve ever heard of that song.

I have said it a thousand times…. Scandinavia gives birth to the best singer/songwriters on planet earth. From Nina Persson of the Cardigans, to Marit Larsen, formerly of M2M…. there’s just something about the air over there. My god…. Scandinavian songwriters are the greatest. But I need to also mention Maddie’s GORGEOUS voice (she sings lead in the second video below). Stars were aligned when Siv and Maddie met and decided to make music together.

The instrumentation in their songs is technical, but very stripped-down… it’s Maddie’s acoustic guitar, and occasionally some sparse violin on the EP (I believe it’s Maddie, as she is a violinist as well as an amazing guitarist), and some light percussion (as on the 3rd song “Shadow”). But when you have two women this talented, you don’t need much more than two perfect voices and an acoustic guitar.

Headphone candy of the highest order. Truly.

final note: I don’t know much about Siv Jakobsen other than her work here, but Maddie Rice is a very prolific guitarist/writer. She also plays lead guitar for Raven Katz (also Boston-based), and several other people. Search her name on YouTube and you can see all the stuff she’s done. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Raven’s band about a week ago and talked briefly with Maddie. She is a very humble, sweet person. I hope she and Siv go very, very far in music. I would love to see Siv & Maddie live. Hopefully someday soon!

Spotify playlist (the full EP):


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