School of Seven Bells (aka SVIIB)

School of Seven Bells: Dreampop/shoegaze/electronic at its finest.

SVIIB has had their share of bad luck, sadly….

1. they used be a trio, and one of the amazing singers (twin sisters, mind you), left the group in 2010 due to personal reasons.

2.  the main guy in the band (Benjamin Curtis, shown here) was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma recently, but is in treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. Hope so… music this good needs to stick around.

Open your ears to the wonderful sounds of late 80s/early 90s-ish dreampop/shoegaze with a modern twist.

side note:

The lead vocalist, Alejandra Deheza, used to be in a band with her twin sister called On! Air! Library! in the early 2000s…. nowhere near as good as SVIIB, in my humble opinion… (and I like O!A!L!)


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