Lauren O’Connell

NOTE: For the first few posts on this blog, I’m going to write about all the YouTube people connected to the first band I blogged about (Pomplamoose, aka Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn)…. because I think these musicians (who all happen to be friends with Pomplamoose) are all brilliant, talented, uber-catchy songwriters with a strong knack of melody and arrangement, and deserve our attention, ears, and support ($$$). If you aren’t immediately swooning upon the first few seconds of each of these videos, you have a deficiency in your soul.

After Julia Nunes (who was the first blog subject after my initial  Pomplamoose post), is Lauren O’Connell. I first discovered Lauren through a Julia Nunes video, as Julia and Lauren were best friends in upstate New York (where Julia is from). Fast-forward a little bit… I kind of forgot about Lauren O’Connell, as I had gotten into various other great music. I rediscovered Lauren in 2011 when I saw that she had moved to the San Francisco area to live with Pomplamoose (after Pomplamoose came to upstate New York to help Julia Nunes record)… I’m guessing Lauren and Pomplamoose just hit it off, personally, during Nunes’ recording sessions.

I then saw that Lauren and Nataly Dawn (of Pomplamoose, of course) started a side project called My Terrible Friend (which I will blog about in the next few posts). But, all this crazy collaboration and six-degrees-of-separation aside… Lauren is an incredible songwriter (and multi-instrumentalist) in her own right.

And on a personal note, I love those Irish girls… Lauren’s beauty (and sarcastic personality) makes me swoon.

Here are three of my favorite songs of hers (the last one is probably the best Everly Brothers cover, EVER!).


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